No. 9

This work was designed for JOIN COLLECTIVE CLOTHES 

The concept of JOIN seems to question the existing definition of garments, so I decided to abandon the concept of clothing to protect the body and create a piece that might barely be recognizable as clothing. I made strip-shaped pieces of tulle fabric and combined them horizontally and vertically to form a woven structure with gaps. 

The tulle fabric is mostly transparent and when the fabrics overlap each other, new colors are created by visual mixing.  Further layers of color are created by using mesh bags that are used in German supermarkets to hold vegetables and fruits.  After the mesh bags were layered on top of the tulle fabric, holes in the shape of regular circles or ovals were cut out and framed with tape. Visually speaking, this creates additional gaps, which increasingly challenges the definition of clothing as protection for the body, but in fact it provides reinforcement to the gaping woven structure.

2022, tulle fabric, bias tape, mesh bag for vegetables and fruits

Mesh softly divides the world.