Mesh softly divides the world.

SOFT DIVIDER is an art project launched by Mimoko Wakatsuki in 2018.  This project focuses on aesthetics and functions of mesh materials.

SOFT DIVIDER had a presentation at Pechakucha Night Tokyo vol.166
Watch it here

Mimoko was born in Tokyo (1992).  She attended Tama Art University for textile design and Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Netherlands) for TXT (textile) as an exchange student.  And later on she worked for the Tama Art University and in some fashion product companies.  During her study program, she was already interested in mesh materials and took many photos of random mesh objects in the city.  In 2017, she got the opportunity to categorize her photos for writing an article for the independent magazine.  She started researching and took more pictures to figure out the reason for her passion.  Then she came to the conclusion that mesh is used as a divider.  And started the project SOFT DIVIDER.